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    Hi --

    I recently came across and am considering using their service for my web site. They claim they will pay you for every banner impression (not just click-thru's) and wanted to know if any one knew anything about them.

    I saw some of their advertisers and they look like major companies (Visa, etc...)

    Any comments on the topic?


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    The adsdaq banner program is good for filling up unused ad space, but the $0.50 CPM is pretty bad. It's the only advertising company that I've ever seen that pays CPM and doesn't require a minimum of pageviews per month. Their code doesn't work properly in some browsers (such as netscape 3) and causes your page to turn completely blank and only show an error message. I use adsdaq banners on some of my pages and I've complained about this problem several times, and they still haven't fixed it so I eventually found a way to fix it myself. Also, their server will slow down your page substantially, and a lot of the time it times out so your impression doesn't count. If you read the fine print, it'll say that they show their own banners 5% of the time without it counting towards your account. In about a week I plan on signing up with They are better than adsdaq and pay a lot more. They do however require that you get a minimum of 5,000 pageviews a month.

    -Jason Weinstein

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