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    Best php mysql frontend generator?

    I apologize if this has been discussed at length but the search function seems to keep timing out for me.
    I had planned on learning sql and the php forms that interact with it and then build an application from scratch, but it turns out my time period I have available to create this has become very small, so I'm going to need some automated help.
    What I need is an application that can create:
    1 - public search page, and results page
    2 - login and password protected data entry page
    3 - ability to select images on a local drive and then upload them to a storage folder plus have the remote path be entered into the database, ie I want to be able to add photos to my database entries.
    4 - the resulting forms have to be straight forward enough that someone who is not that computer savvy can do searches, enter data, or upload photos.

    I think that's it? So what is the best package (free is better, but I'll take 'cheap' if it's amazing)? Or is all of this such childs play that I should just write it myself?

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    Moved to the php forum where this should get some more love.

    You should probably learn how to design and build web applications before using code generators, but a better place to start would be a pre-built script that fits your requirements. Which are a bit loose-you might want to elaborate some more and some folks can probably point you in the right direction.


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