Hi Guys

I have a problem and I can't seem to find a suitable solution.

I have written an application in ASP.NET, which is basically a chat app. And I give a small code (iframe, which calls the source file from my server) which sits on the registered user's site and display a simple text/image.

Now, I want to access the main (parent) page and go outside of my iframe and access the DOM objects. So basically call files/function from Domain B, while my files are sitting on Domain A (which are being called in iframe). It is a trusted relationship and we could place some code in domain B, just so long itís not overly complicated.

Naturally, there is permission issue and this action is not allowed. Is there a way that I could do this? If so how? Also what would be other alternates for doing this. I have been told that we could do this with Flash, but am unsure on how to go about that.

Also, this is not an advertising or malicious app, a simple app where users can chat.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks heaps in advance!