have made an edit in place function...i know i havent done it using the best methods, but am keen to get my site out and improve the system as i get better with javascript......

the system works at the minute by double-clickin on the lyrics to display a text area which can then be submitted..

see here


the html is

<div id="showlyrics" >

<p class="para">[ double click on the lyrics below to edit them ]</p>

<p ondblclick="Element.show($('addlyrics'));Element.hide($('showlyrics'));"> #replace('#lyrics_sng#', '#chr(13)##chr(10)#', '<br/>', 'all')#</p>

<div id="addlyrics" style="display:none;">
<cfform name="add" action="add_lyrics_action.cfm"

so when you double click on the lyrics it hides the div which contains the lyrics and shows the form....

this works fine in Firefox.

however, when i try it in internet explorer the form appears half way down the screen, would anyone know why this occurs?

thanks for your help