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    Revise template for Wordpress slightly?

    Hope I have this in the correct area. If not feel free to move it

    I would like to adjust the right sidebar area of my new blog using a Wordpress template named "Platinum-10" I have already modified it for colors and feel and added items to the sidebar, but I am flummoxed on how to move an entire section to a different place in the sidebar since I have no clue where things go using PHP.

    The blogs address is, and looking at it is easier to explain what I'd like to do than going through the code - which I will add as an attachment if it helps.

    Notice please that the list of "Recommended links" is positioned above the admin panel. What I'd like to do is move it to below the list of "Causes I support", or iow, the last item in the list.

    I've attempted this a few times with an unpleasant result - luckily I had backed up the code for the sidebar. I am unable to figure out how the link properties should appear to make this happen.

    I would greatly appreciate it if someone could rework this code for me so this works as I'd like it.

    Code follows...
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Bruce ...


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