The Problem:
All i want to do is when a new client is added to our site using a form which is saved to our MySQL database via a PHP page. the PHP picks up the users' MySQL data base details and puts them into a file by using the unique code which is there username.

eg. i have 100 users and all i want is the details for user 88

MySQL DBase:

User ID: 88 (hidden - autonumber)
UserName: johnnyc (used for login - unique primary key)
Name: Mr Johnny Cash
Address: 8 Win Streak Drive, Washington DC, USA 90210
Phone: +1 555 5123

Now, on the page all i want is Johhny's details that can be edited by a form. The retreval must be from the login id / username. I don't want the details from someone else and i don't want to publish by myself a seperate page for each user. I just want there details to automatically come up without anyone elses. Basically there's 2 pages with various user details to be added and 9 pages with general info which dont need to be customised.

can someone give me some code or a link to get more info or help.