I am trying to locate a script that will help with my nav bar. The nav bar is vertical and has a few live text links in it. The links are of "regions" and each region contains several "locations". I want the nav to initially show just the three regions and once a user clicks on a specific region, I would like for the locations for that region to appear underneath the respective region... but only the region that was clicked on. I have seen this on many sites, but I couldn't find one quick enough to post in my thread. However, I do have a sample page to look at that displays my starting point and where I want to go. I do not want the page to have to reload in order to display the sub links and Dreamweavers Show/Hide Layers and Pop-Up Menu are not doing the trick. The Pop-Up Menu feature was close, but it didn't shift the main links when a list of sub links popped up. I appreciate everyones help in advance!