I am trying to get google maps working on our site. Here.

You will notice no map is displayed (go down the page a bit to the red bordered box). I have used this code on another site and works fine. The ID. from googlemaps was asked for http://www.warehammid.dorset.sch.uk so I assume the pages in this folder should apply (that's where office.html fits).

I know the code is going to google because if I change the ID a google error message comes up saying the Id is for somewhere else (or at least i assume it goes to google to get it checked?).

Anyway its the googleMap.js which does not seem to be getting processed. If I put a breakpoint in Firefox (don't really know what I'm doing here as I'm not a js coder), and refresh the page it does not get hit. The 1st line can't be wrong because this code works for the other site in the same browser.

Can anyone detect why the map is not working (PS if I change everything to a Yahoo map the same thing happens)? I am suspicious that there is an incompatibility on the site somewhere.

Thanks for your time.