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    Talking SOLVED :: Pass encoded stuff though a array with preg match


    Im trying to pass encoded stuff though a array, that then goes to preg match(should had been decoded somewere on the way) to see if there is a match or not. I have simple examples below, im only a beginer and i hope you can understand what im trying to do

    This code is fine, it is what i need to add the decoding to. With info what it does below
    $lines= array();
    // All this does is get word list that is encoded(pre encoded eg czo3OiJlbmNvZGVkIjs=, ready to be only decoded)
    $lines=file('myfile.txt') or problem('<b>System error code 2.</b>');
    foreach($lines as $word){ 
    //grab the footer to be compaired with our encoded word list that should had been decoded by now or it will try and match encoded stuff that dont exist
    $html = @file_get_contents('footer.php') or problem('<b>System error code 3.</b>');
    $html = strtolower($html);
    if (preg_match("/".trim($word)."/i", "$html") == 1) {  
    //if all is well the header well go and load the page
    require_once('images/header.php'); } 
    //else if we get to here words were not matched and we are not going to display the page at all and go to error page
    else { problem($settings['sys-variables']); } }
    // START problem()
    function problem($myproblem) {
    //html or what ever here

    Simple decode
    $str = 'czoyODoiaWYgeW91IHJlYWRpbmcgbWUgaW0gZGVjb2RlZCI7';
    $decoded = unserialize(base64_decode($str));
    echo $decoded;

    I have tried so many way, it cannot be passed here like my example below to be decoded, pregmatch tries to match the encoded lines

    $lines = unserialize(base64_decode($encodedarraydata));
    $lines = array();

    I been though so many different ways without doing any good but i cant code complex stuff and hoping some one would be kind enough to help
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