I'm experiencing a bizarre problem with the UDASSS style switcher. It typically works exactly as it's supposed to, but on certain PCs running IE6 it doesn't.

The idea behind it is that you click on a link to choose your stylesheet. It remotely calls a PHP script to set a cookie. It then cycles through the stylesheets in the page, setting `disabled` to true for each one, and then setting `disabled` to false if the stylesheet title matches what you chose.

The problem seems to be with setting `disabled` to true. I've added some alerts in to try and work out what's going on - I put one in before and after the `a.disabled = false;` and both run. The right elements are being cycled through: I've also been alerting the names. So I can only think that setting `disabled` to false isn't working.

This is only happening with Internet Explorer 6. It's happening on a number of PCs at my clients office - and just one here at my office. If I log on to the PC here in my office as a different user it doesn't happen - the style switcher works as expected. I've tried using 'Delete Files' and 'Delete Cookies', but it doesn't make any difference.

If anyone has experienced the same or similar problem I would be hugely grateful. If anyone has ANY suggestions I would be hugely grateful. This is driving me mad