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    CHMOD write execution permissions

    How can i give a write permission to the folder and its contents in PHP.

    Let me illustrate with an example -
    I have a root folder name "Root", I set up write permission to this folder.
    FIRST :
    Now I have to create new folder with write permission on it. I m able to create the folder but it doesn't have write permission

    SECOND :
    I need to upload the pictures on those newly created folder. These pictures should also need to have write and execution permissions but I m unable to do so.

    Can anyone help me??
    Thanks in advance

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    First of all if you are on the Windows server and there is no meaning of changing permission of the directory (called folder in windows). And of course if you are in the same *NIX system, then you have to give file permission for each directory or file.

    From PHP there is function chmod() (I think you are well known about it) which takes two parameters first is the chmoding directory/file name and second is the generally a 4 digits of group of numbers with prefixing zeros.

    PHP Code:
    $directory "path/to/the/directory"// or path/to/the/directory/and/file
    Of course each subdirectories are to have permission to read/write. So be sure that you have used the same case, because all *NIX servers hang on case sensitive.

    Don't forget to prefix the 0 if the normal 3 digits does not work at all.
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