Are there good reasons why one particular MySQL table would just randomly turn up empty? On the code I'm working now, I have 6 different tables. The other 5 seam to work fine, so I'm going to rule out the problem being server related. I'm going to go ahead and say it's something in my code.

I do have a user admin area where a human must log in to gain access (I'm using vBulletin's external member management) . In this admin, a single user can only delete their own MySQL rows (data which they have entered). For the past few days, I've noticed that this database has turned up empty even though I have a few different users.

In other words, if I (or anyone else) wanted to empty out the database table, they SHOULD (if my script works correctly) have to login with each username and password in order to delete the given rows. I'm going to say this is highly unlikely because the site isn't even launched yet and how would a person crack multiple passwords?

I considered the notion that maybe spiders are following the links and deleting these rows, but my member management should block them from getting into the admin at all.

So, are there any likely possibilities that may have snuck through my code that would be completely clearing out my MySQL data in a single table?

Any good way to test this?