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    Flash not feelin' JavaScripts' luv...

    I've been charged with adding an animated header to the (now a little cluttered) home page for a client's website.

    The problem: there's a detect in place, which hides the header if there's no Adobe Flash plug-in installed on the visitors browser.

    That part works, thanks to Adobe's Flash Player detection script.

    But when the animation does run, the title loads, but the animated text, which is pulled in from an external source, doesn't run first time, and most visitors see an 'undefined' message. But then after a browser refresh, it works!

    I've hacked this whole thing together, and I know almost nowt about the issues related to either JavaScript or Flash.

    Now, I feel sure this is a JavaScript issue, but it could also be Flash. And I'm pretty sure it's not PHP.

    Any help would be ace!
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