Evening All,

Wondering if someone could help me with a major headache i'm getting that I can't solve and I'd like to get solved quickly as it's holding me back in my development of my football site.

I’m trying to create an array to post multiple values into my database table.

PHP Code:
$lastinsert mysql_insert_id(); //to get report_id from reports table 

$sql = array(); 
$_REQUEST['r'] as $row
$sql[] = sprintf("('%s', %d)"
$player_id $row['player_id'], 
$team_id $_GET['team_id']);     
$query_three mysql_query("INSERT INTO `goals2` ( `player_id`,`team_id`, `report_id` ) 
$sql', '$lastinsert')"); 

Now I want to get the first two values from the array I created and the $lastinsert value (report_id) from the last insert in another table. However it just outputs the message ‘query is empty’ in my validation checks to see if any data enters the database.

Anyone see what’s wrong with my above piece of code please?