Hi all! Just wanted to start off by saying that sitepoint is one of the greatest ideas I have seen in a long time. What a concept!! A wealth of information coupled with great contests for designers to show off their talents!!

What I am going to talk about has to do with the design contests. I found this website while one day searching for someone in need of a designer. I've tried my hand at dozens of logo contests and haven't sold any yet, but am working hard at trying to improve my skills. I have the necessary software and the creative imaginations, sometimes the thought just gets lost between the two......but what I really wanted to touch base on was the communications between the Contest Holder and the Designers.....

I am noticing that a lot of Contest Holders are holding contests and are not giving what I feel is the correct feedback. This is not true with ALL Contest Holders, just some that I observed. It is my understanding that a contest is opened because someone wants something or has an idea about something. Be it a web page design, logo, etc. Here is where things get a little tricky.....designers are not in the minds of the contest holder, so it may be a little difficult to portray the image that you are envisioning. That is where the feedback function comes into play. The feedback function is really one of the only ways a Contest Holder can help designers get to the vision they have had.

I have entered a few contest where the feedbacks have been wonderful! These contest holders really had a grip on the whole contest holder/designer relationship. Then there have been a few where the feedback was really terrible.....ie: "This design is terrible" or my favorite, just a simple "Bad"....Now don't get me wrong, I know time is sometimes a huge issue and holders are overwhelmed by their contest entries, but seriously, how can a designer improve on their draft by reading their feedback and seeing the word "Bad" there? What's bad? The colors, maybe....the font, could be....the graphic itself? Quite possibly it could be the overall feel or flow of the design. But as a designer, how is one supposed to improve their design or get closer to the contest holder's vision by just seeing the word "Bad" in their feedback?

This is by no means a stab at anyone or a personal grudge against someone who has left me negative feedback, this is what this business is all about!! I encourage negative or positive feedback.....just some kind of feedback that will help achieve the contest holder's goal......

So in closing, I think that it would be a better experience for both Contest Holders and Designers, if the feedback section was used simply more effectively. And as a "direction" to achieve the final goal.

Thank you for your time.....this is simply "just my 2 cents"