I'm making a file upload class that handles MP3 uploads. I'm using an IF statement to determine the filetype of what is being uploaded. I went onto the http://filext.com/file-extension/MP3 site and used all the file types they have for MP3s and put this into my code...

PHP Code:
// Checks for all MP3s
if (    $this->fileType == 'audio/mpeg' or
$this->fileType == 'audio/x-mpeg' or
$this->fileType == 'audio/mp3' or
$this->fileType == 'audio/x-mp3' or
$this->fileType == 'audio/mpeg3' or
$this->fileType == 'audio/x-mpeg3' or
$this->fileType == 'audio/mpg' or
$this->fileType == 'audio/x-mpg' or
$this->fileType == 'audio/x-mpegaudio'

Thing is, this doesn't seem to cover them all. It works on some MP3s but not on others... Are there anymore MIME types for MP3 that I seem to be missing? I'm using Firefox on a Mac.

Hope you can help me!