Hi There

I have a couple of question, which I was hoping someone coudld help me on.

a) I have created a reservation form on a web page and am using JavaScript as my means of validation. On the date fields I want a dialogue box to pop up if the user tries to manually type the date in as I want them to use the date picker I have provided. So I presume I would use the onfocus option available in JavaScript. However I currently already have an onfocus function assigned to that particular field (see below). How can I add an extra onfocus function to this particular form element? Do I simply separate them with a comma?

<input type=text name=txtDateFrom size="9" value="dd/mm/yyyy" ONFOCUS="clearDefault(this)" class="texta" id=txtDateFrom >

b) How would I evaluate my txtDateFrom form element against my txtDateTo (same format as the form element displayed above) as I don’t want a user to select a ‘from’ date later then a ‘To’ date and vice versa? Could anyone help me on the best way to actually code this javascript logic using the form element details above?

Many thanks