Greetings everyone,

Hopefully someone with a little experience in working with the fedex api will be able to assist me with a small problem l'm having.

I'm working with the following script to serve up fedex shipping rates to customers of my website:

I've been added to the test servers of fedex, and l've successfully subscribed (IE l have a meter number). The script works fine for any of the express rates, however when l try to get ground rates the script does not execute properly. I've changed the "carrierCode" to "FDXG" (fedex ground) but it still doesn't seem to work. I've attempted to contact the author of this script, but l never heard back from them. So if anyone has experience with this particular script and can let me know how it worked on their end l would appreciate it.

Alternatively if anyone knows of any other scripts that do work please share them; as l've scoured google many times over and haven't been able to find a script that seems to work for me yet :S

If anyone is willing to help me out with this l would greatly appreciate it.