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    Passing Parameters to new site for log-in

    I have a golf site that has a members section that members can login to. They read updated news and events info for the country club and the member can also schedule a tee time via a 3rd party website.

    We have recently redeveloped the members section in to a wordpress blog. We need to reconfigure how they user can get to the 3rd party site (for tee times) with out having to login there again.

    The Parameters that I need to pass are below that were provided to me from the 3rd party website and only the 'user_name' is unique to each member. Which happens to be the same user name for our members section.

    ----- Parameters -------
    url to call:


    user_name = (member number - only unique parameter)
    clubname = x1x1x1
    caller = x2x2x2
    zipcode = 12345
    primary = yes
    mnum = yes (indicates 'user_name' contains the member number)

    Since user name for our site and the tee time site are the same. How do I get wordpress to pass the user name as a variable to the tee time link which contains it as a passing parameter as well as the other parameters.

    I really need some help on this. I'm stuck and pulling my hair out

    Thanks for your time.

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    2 words: sessions...

    leo d.


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