Been deep into OOP for a while now.

I found myself in an interesting situation lately that I would like to discuss here. I was away from my library, couldn't use any framework and had to build a small application real quickly.

For some reason, I went the procedural way. And I found this experience very refreshing and useful. So I was wondering, should we sometimes come back to procedural code? Can that be of some use to us or should it be definitely left behind? One of PHP idiosynchrasis is the procedural approach, so is there something to learn from it, that we could then bring back into our OO practice?

During the last months, I've been trying to use as few design patterns as possible, going the composition and aggregation ways as much as I could instead. Theoretically, can I relate this procedural experience to this new approach, like an unconscious act, or is it just about circumstances?

As you can see, I am wondering if I should make the effort to go back to a procedural approach in order to try to discover some secrets, hidden in it, that could change and improve my OO approach.