I don't like the new policy with having contests running for only 10 days. Also I didn't know the limitation when I started the contest and I had purchased a lot of credits (more than 100). But the main thing I'm having issues with is the policy change, as it it stops my 3-4 year old good experience with design contests here at Sitepoint.

3 weeks before I was able to renew and select a winner after about 2 weeks, since extending deadline was possible. So I didn't see any problem before the weekend when the contests was about to expire... I ran two at the same time both with most activity in the end of the contest. The highest contest price I had was $ 650.

I was in the middle of a very active bidding process, but the contest closed before I managed to extend the time, so now several designers wants to email me instead and it is total chaos. I must do the rest of the bidding privatly: This hurts both the designer and the coder and is against the idea.

The reason for doing this change is due to many abandoned contests according to the staff. I'm sure this will clean out a lot of contests: Mostly from the ones which uses Sitepoint contest regulary as I am. During my time, I have only had one contest I'm not pleased with and I have runned a lot. And I have planned several others that I'm not going to use Sitepoint for due to this policy.

One thing is to introduce payment contest, but to give less service also.. Not good. While the intention of getting rid of abandened contest is good, this is not the way to do it. Why not just close the contest if there is no reply from the contest holder instead? And let there be option to open it. Like it was basically, but only let user renew it by 3-4 days at a time. This will force the contest holder to visit sitepoint and keep the contest on correct path.