I'm trying to get this script to work, but my deep rooted PHP syntax is messing my JS up.

I have a flash file that calls this JS function. It basically adds a number to a comma separated string. this works fine.
var select = "";
function selectCounty (cid){ select = cid + "," + select; }
The flash also calls this function to remove a value from the string. The removeVal() function works. though, the *select* variable is not reforming into a string. I'm missing how to then put the array into a form that this is part of.
function unSelectCounty (cid){ 
	// split the *select* string into an array
	var select_array = select.split(/,/);

	// remove *cid* value from array
	unselect = removeVal(select_array, cid);

	// reset *select* var
	select = "";
	for (i=0;i<unselect.length;i++){ if (unselect[i] != ''){ select = unselect[i] + "," + select; } }
function removeVal(arr, valToRemove){
	// Normalize to a string like !val!!val!!val!
	var s = '!' + arr.join('!!') + '!';
	// Remove targeted values with delimiters
	s = s.replace(new RegExp('!' + valToRemove + '!', 'g'), '');
	// Remove delimiter added to end in step 1
	s = s.replace(/^!/, '');
	// Remove delimiter added to start in step 1
	s = s.replace(/!$/, '');
	// Convert to array
	return s.split('!!');
Please help with these two problems-

1) i cant get the *select* string in unSelectCounty() to reform correctly.
2) i am unsure what to write so that the value of *select* is passed in POST form array. it can accept it either as an array or a string.