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    Recovery! very bad problems

    Hello friends!

    I face with real bad problem, couldn't solve it....

    This is my story:

    I had windows XP ,I installed windows 7,I keep both, Then I tried to increase partition of windows 7.A problem ocured. I restart, after that damn restart windows 7 never up!! There was a message that shows bad news about boot sector!!

    I bought another hard disk and I install windows XP. When system up by new hard disk, and I connect two hard to motherboard , This hard disk( old) does not show in new windows XP at all.

    When I use that damn old hard disk . XP starts to up , sometimes of course, But it stops!!

    When I try to up by safe mode. It stops in Mup.sys

    I have searched about Mup.sys , It was suggested to disable it. Then I try to do that by windows XP CD and recovery console, But it does not detect the hard disk!!Even start up disk does not work!!

    Some times , When I use new hard disk and old hard disk together , This new XP stops t Mup.sys. When I seperate old disk, New XP works!!!

    I use many recovery software: ontrack easy recovery and ..........But it does not wokr,They even did not detect hard disk!!

    Now Please help me!!
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    Did you use the stellar phoenix software for windows data recovery?
    I think it may work here.Give it a trial let us know the result.
    The trial version will show you the recoverable data .
    Other software can also be considered.


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