I've arrived here from the main MySql site.

I have been considering looking into SQL Server as an online database mainly owing to the restrictions on concurrent use in Access. I am reasonably experienced in VBA and VBScript,ASP, ADO and SQL having used them all for PC and online Access databases.

My questions are:
1. if I decided to move over to MySQl for a future online database am I going to be able to properly use it in conjunction with ASP for constructing dynamic web pages, much as I do now with Access databases.

2.Is it correct to assume that when using MySql on my own PC it is SQL that will be the way of constructing tables and queries and so forth. I will not have to learn another language?

3. Is there what I might call a language associated with MySQL analogous to VBA for Access?

I assume that there will be no concurrency issues to worry about in practice as far as MySql is concerned. Though I know very little about either, I am assuming that MySql is somewhat comparable with SQL server.

Hope I have not overloaded this posting!

Best wishes, John Morgan