Hi, when i hover the mouse and the onmouseout() is called the image button
is gone.

here is the html codes from the body.
<div id='pagewrap'>
	<div id="header">  
	<div id="body1">  
	<div id="body2">  
	  <div id="menudiv" style="position:absolute; left:252px; top:6px; width:519px; height:35px; z-index:2;">
			<div id="homediv" style="position:absolute; left:3px; top:2px; width:105px; height:18px; z-index:2">
				<a HREF="http://www.mydomain.com" onMouseover="rollOver('homeholder')" onMouseout="rollOut('homeholder')">
					<img src="images2/home1.jpg" name="homeholder" width="120" height="30" id="homeholder" border="0"/>
			</a>			</div>
			<div id="girlsdiv" style="position:absolute; left:126px; top:2px; width:43px; height:16px; z-index:2">
				<a HREF="http://www.mydomain.com" onMouseover="rollOver('girlsholder')" onMouseout="rollOut('girlsholder')">
					<img src="images2/girls1.jpg" name="girlsholder" width="120" height="30" id="girlsholder" border="0"/>
			</a>			</div>
			<div id="contactdiv" style="position:absolute; left:249px; top:2px; width:40px; height:15px; z-index:2;">
				<a HREF="http://www.mydomain.com" onMouseover="rollOver('contactholder')" onMouseout="rollOut('contactholder')">
					<img src="images2/contact1.jpg" name="contactholder" width="140" height="30" id="contactholder" border="0"/>
				</a>			</div>
			<div id="bannerdiv" style="position:absolute; left:393px; top:2px; width:88px; height:11px; z-index:2">
				<a HREF="http://www.mydomain.com" onMouseover="rollOver('bannerholder')" onMouseout="rollOut('bannerholder')">
					<img src="images2/banner1.jpg" alt="" name="bannerholder" width="120" height="30" id="bannerholder" border="0"/>
	<div align="center">
	  <div id="body3">	  </div>

	<div id="footer">  
ok, this is the javascript codes menu.js
// preload images
	homeholderOff = new Image()
	homeholderOff.src = "images2/home1.jpg"
	homeholderOn = new Image()
	homeholderOn.src = "images2/home2.jpg"

	girlsholderOff = new Image()
	girlsholderOff.src = "images2/girls1.jpg"
	girlsholderOn = new Image()
	girlsholderOn.src = "images2/girls2.jpg"
	contactholderOff = new Image()
	contactholderOff.src = "images2/contact1.jpg"
	contactholderOn = new Image()
	contactholderOn.src = "images2/contact2.jpg"

	bannerholderOff = new Image()
	bannertholderOff.src = "images2/banner1.jpg"
	bannertholderOn = new Image()
	bannerholderOn.src = "images2/banner2.jpg"
function rollOver (imgName)
    document.images[imgName].src =
      eval(imgName + "On.src")
function rollOut (imgName)
    document.images[imgName].src =
      eval(imgName + "Off.src")
why is it when i hover out the mouse the image button is gone?
what do you think the problem with the codes above?

please help...

Thank you very much a TON in advance.