Would anyone like to share any cool tricks/tips using Filters.

For the new SLR/DSLR owners the first thing I recomend for them is to pick up a circular polarizer, it has several uses. I like to use it for two things, the first is to darken the blue of the sky, the second and what I think is a much nicer affect is to get rid of the glare from glass windows, I have had it turn windows almost black.

My first filters came in a Kit from Tiffen so look online and you can find individual filters or kits which are a little cheaper.

Now I did recently pick up a red and yellow filter for black and white photography, was diapointed when I couldn't use them on my DSLR because it does not have an option to shoot in pure black/white like my old coolpix 995 did.

I also recently got some Macro filters, three stackable filters that are basically magnifiying glasses. I havent got to use those yet. I will post some photos when I do.

Below is a photo where the glass I was shooting turned almost black.