I'm primarily a php dev but I'm writing a pretty simple system for a client of ours to allow them to put details of meetings on their site. Given that it's a pretty straight forward project I decided to dip my toes into the world of DHTML and the DOM to give the thing some extra functionality.

However I'm having some serious trouble getting it to behave in IE(surprise, surprise!)

Here's how it is at the moment:

When you click on the "add another category" link it adds an extra category with 1 field for adding papers and a button for selecting the papers from a popup. When you update the field for papers it adds an extra 'papers' field in that category if there aren't any more available.

The problem is that the event handlers aren't working for any of the dynamically generated HTML in IE.

I've looked at the generated source(using javascript:'<xmp>'%20+%20window.document.body.outerHTML+%20'</xmp>') and all the new handlers are there but for some weird reason they're just not firing.

Of course everything works fine in FF...

Anyone any ideas?