First off, I must confess that I am taking a different approach to
using your very good book--I am skipping the suggestion that I work
on the Diving site, and substituting my own pages. Everything was
going along pretty well, until the CSS part. I could open my pages,
and they were shaping up fairly well; but I cannot get CSS to take
effect. First I tried to link it to my "Puzzles" page; but when that
didn't seem to work, I used another page (thinking that my puzzle
formats might be in the way.) But the more regular page, contacts,
would not become blue or red or show any change.

First of all, I've been using Mac's TextEdit, but now Text Wrangler
keeps grabbing the CSS file. (I've written Text Wrangler about why I
cannot get preferences to "stick.")

Then, I noticed something in the book about refreshing the pages in
the browser. When I open my pages from the desktop, the Finder is
still active, so I don't see how I can refresh the pages in the
browser. WHICH leads me to another explanation: I am not using the
Mac's Sites folder to hold my "My Documents" folder--I have this
folder on my desktop. I probably stopped using the sites folder
after I discovered that my .Mac's own web page conflicted with my new
pages, probably because of the index.html of Macintosh's will
"overwrite" any other so named folders in the Sites folder. I
ultimately had to re-install my .Mac photos, although I cannot really
attribute it to my efforts at my newer web page. (Apple did not tell
me what may have caused the problem I had with .Mac, but did say I
should start over.)

As you can see, I have many "threads" of possible problems in here.
I would greatly appreciate any direction. I couldn't find anything
helpful in the SitePoint forums. These are probably too advanced for
me at this point.