I am using the drag and drop script found here, http://script.aculo.us/. Yes i know its a hog. Anyways, i am using the script pretty much out the box with link in the sortable div. My issue is that when clicking on a link, if you at all move the mouse, its sorts to the direction you ever so slightly moved. This is driving me nuts. I have tried to add pausing functions here and there trying to create a couple millisecond pause before dragging so the click can take effect, but i have had no luck.

Can anyone suggest a way to alter the script, so that if i click on the link in the div, it wont drag before the href is called. Thanks. Here's my example code.

<div id="page">

	<?php /*   div sits in a TD cell. div ID can be anything alphanumeric. HTML inside DIV is ok.  */ ?>
	<div id="group" class="section">
		<h3 class="handle">Group 1</h3>

		<?php /*   div ID can be anything alphanumeric, after *item_*. HTML inside DIV is ok.  */ ?>
		<div id="item_1" class="lineitem"><a href="index.php">Item 1</a></div>
		<div id="item_2" class="lineitem"><a href="index.php">Item 2</a></div>
		<div id="item_3" class="lineitem"><a href="index.php">Item 3</a></div>
		<div id="item_4" class="lineitem"><a href="index.php">Item 4</a></div>
		<div id="item_5" class="lineitem"><a href="index.php">Item 5</a></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
	// <![CDATA[

	/*   add each ID from group level div.   */
	sections = ['group'];

	/*   this watches for event changes like drag and drop action   */
	function init() {

		/*   add a sortable.create for each group level div   */
		Sortable.create('group',{tag:'div', dropOnEmpty: true, containment: sections, only:'lineitem'});

	/*   add sortable.create for *page* div   */
	// ]]>