Life has proven to me so many times that nothing is impossible, it is just a matter of how creative you are with your talents and how creative you are presenting them.

I desagree with some of the people who are posting on the other message with regard to the newbee because I feel that we were just bashing and putting her down without even apreciating the amount of energy and will that can be felt from her post.

Yes experience makes a difference, and it is always the ideal case when you have the background, but I also know a lot of people who have the skills and the background but are not creative enough to find the way to throw themselves outhere and start making money. Me being one of those!

So the atitute to have is to be able to create something out of nothing, to be able to build as you go. If you are going to start thinking how to to earn from your skill untill after you have master everything that is outhere, forget it, you will never start.

As a productive recomendation, instead of closing the road to those that are just raising, why don't we share experiences and ways of getting started. Places you can go to find out more about getting started...

Always remember this, The only thing that can not be sell, is the thing that doesn't exist, so if have a skill that you are in the process of developing, but you are far into it enough that you can perform, believe it that there will be a need for it somewhere out there, someone will be interested in what you have to offer, your service.

But that is when real creativety starts, how do you find that someone to sell what you have, how to be at the right place at the right time. If you can master that, learning the skills is nothing, experience only comes with time and practice and it comes very slowly.

so if are going to wait for it in order to get started, you will never start. Learn as you go, and use your jobs as paid opportunities to practice and learn.

You get paid for what you know, so if you know little you will get paid little but you will get paid. There is no reason for which you should not start to get paid by implementing what you are learning. And some people can pay for profecionally made sites and logos and other can only affort wordart made logos but the still costomers.

So the real question is, can people here share their experiences of how they got started, can people redirect those in need to other resorces where that information can be found, tips and hints on how to start selling what you are learning.

Share effective ways to start building a portfolio and to display what you can do. For those that are so consider and think that are so experiences, am sure you must have a lot of dirty work in which you need help, hand it to those who are starting...

Lets develop a sense of community and help oneanother. It won't hurt to try it!

Simplicity is Power!
Forever Merengue