Going back very far in this topic, I am only 16, a junior Web Designer if you will, but I already have advanced knowledge in FLASH 4, Photoshop 5.5 /PSP6, aswell as knowin' javascript and HTML to almost the max, in my opinion however, I do not consider my talents to be that great compared to someone like Thomas Bratta etc, however, since I first got the Internet I had a facination with creating web pages, so I have learned using a program called HTMLed32, esentially it is Notepad, but with quick speed up's such as keyboard shortcuts which you can define.

I have also merged this with looking at the source code of people's sites, together I have been able to create dynamic interfaces, also with knowledge of color scheming etc.

My problem is, my age. I'm too young to go into the field of work, and yet too advanced for many professional Web Designers, it's not often you meet someone who is this dedicated

I also made one vital error in my major webpage which I have been working on for about 6 months now...I used frames, which has made me make an entire site, just for different resolutions

If you want to visit my site, please do so at http://www.supersaiyans.org

I just thought I would share my thoughts, and how I get irritated sometimes when "Newbies" take the easy road out and use FP2K (no offence intended to anyone who does). Just my opinion. Besides creating a page by hand is much more fun, and you also have much greater control.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what I have said, and what I should do about my interest in Web Design at such an early age.

Thanks, Neo.