Okay, I have an interesting textbox applet on this page that lets the user dynamically filter a list via keywords to quickly find 1 title from a large list of titles.

A few problems though:
1) Sometimes it gets stupid and won't load for no apparent reason and gives me a red x.
2) other users may not have javascript or java enabled. In this case I want to show them a non-java selection that will do the job in a pinch.

The logical plan seems to be to display the non-java solution, in a page that looks like this:

And have the applet loading in place but hidden from view. Then, when it properly loads up, hide the non-java solution and display the funky java applet.

I can probably figure out the hidden not hidded stuff, but I have no idea how to determine in javascript if a java applet has properly loaded or not.

Would it need a time delay as well? Would the onload event trigger before the java applet has loaded fully even in the best case scenario?

So I need to know how to detect when the applet has loaded. Any suggestions on a better way to do this would be welcome as well. I am a little concerned that the page will load up with the non-java version, sit there a few seconds and then suddenly flip to the java version and confuse and disorient users (who may already be typing in the non-java dropdown list)