Im trying to essentially disable the right click feature in browsers so that people cant "easily" take pictures off my site, even tho in essence i know they can, its just a deterent.

Anyway the code im using works exactly how it should in IE, however i cant quite figure out how to get it to work in FF.

on my image tag i have something like this:
And my function dRightClick(e); looks like
function dRightButton(e) {
 if (e.button == 2 || e.button == 3 || e.which == 2) {
  alert("Please do not take images off our site!\nThanks, Erica!");
Ive been doing some reading and ive seen references to stopPropagation();, however something ive noticed, is that even if i put a general alert in the onmousedown in the image tag, it does not execute.

Any tips on how to get the function to execute in firefox as well as stop that menu from popping up?