I have an associative array like
x = {"Some Tag 0":{vals:[{sel:0, val:'SomeTagValue0'}, {sel:0, val:'SomeTagValue1'},{sel:1, val:'SomeTagValue2'}], edit:0},"Some Tag 1":{vals:[{sel:0, val:'SomeTagValue0'}, {sel:0, val:'SomeTagValue0'}], edit:1}};

y = {"Selected Tag 0":{vals:[{sel:0, val:'SomeTagValue0'}, {sel:0, val:'SomeTagValue0'},{sel:1, val:'SomeTagValue1'}], edit:0},"Selcted Tag 1":{vals:[{sel:0, val:'SomeTagValue0'}, {sel:0, val:'SomeTagValue1'}], edit:1}};

I just want to remove "Some Tag 1" from the array x and add it to y in the first position. Can somebody help me?