Hello everybody,
I'm using a scripts that (as was probably already clear) shows and hides a layer. Only, when i load the page the layer is hidden and i need to klick a button to show it.

My question is; how can i make it start visible (on page load). And then, when done with it, klick it away!

Also, i would like the buttons (to show/hide the layer) to be text links.

Here's the script that goes between <head></head>
<script type="text/javascript">
function toggleBox(szDivID, iState) // 1 visible, 0 hidden
    if(document.layers)	   //NN4+
       document.layers[szDivID].visibility = iState ? "show" : "hide";
    else if(document.getElementById)	  //gecko(NN6) + IE 5+
        var obj = document.getElementById(szDivID);
        obj.style.visibility = iState ? "visible" : "hidden";
    else if(document.all)	// IE 4
        document.all[szDivID].style.visibility = iState ? "visible" : "hidden";
// -->
And this goed between <body></body>
<div ID="demodiv" class="demo">
<table width="200" border="0" align="center" bgcolor="#0066FF">
 $category = "1";
 $number = "1";
 $template = "main";
    <td bgcolor="#FFFF00"><?PHP
 $category = "4";
 $template = "thumb";
Here are the buttons;
<input type="button" onClick="toggleBox('demodiv',0);" value="Hide Div">
<input type="button" onClick="toggleBox('demodiv',1);" value="Show Div">

And there is a style type for the layer, but i don't think you quys need that?
I hope it can be done! I couldn't make it happen

http://www.greyburn.net <-- see it working! I'm still bussy, so it loox like crap.

Thank a lot! X