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I have an internal search bar with two radio buttons and an input box in which the radio buttons allow the user to do a general keyword search or search by an exact phrase. Pending on which radio is checked, will determine which search page it should go to.

I am trying to insert the search criteria from an input box into the GET url in the radio value ie- /page.php?search="$search".

How can I fill the below $search variable with the vaule from the input box on submit (see red areas below)?

<script type="text/javascript">
function funct_WhereToGo()
var obj_RadioButton = window.document.theFORM.rb_Select;

for (var i = 0; i < obj_RadioButton.length; i++)
	{if (obj_RadioButton[i].checked == true)
		{window.location = obj_RadioButton[i].value;}

<form name="theFORM" method="get">
<INPUT TYPE="RADIO" NAME="rb_Select" ID="rb_Select1" VALUE="/emt/test/member_emt2.php?search='$search'">
<INPUT TYPE="RADIO" NAME="rb_Select" ID="rb_Select2" VALUE="/emt/test/member_emt3.php?search='$search'">
Exact Phrase <br>

<!--  the value of this input box needs to fill the above $search in red  -->
<input name="search33" type="text" id="search33" size="27">

<INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" onClick="funct_WhereToGo();" VALUE=">">