In my Ajax application I am creating forms with a bunch of fields on them that I disable and enable by toggling the 'disabled' property on and off.

This works well but frequently some seemingly random fields cannot be entered with the mouse cursor. They are enabled and can be reached with the TAB key but no mouse events such as mouseover fire for those fields (checked that with firebug). I also checked all attributes with firebug in ff 2.0 over and over again and they are absolutely identical for all fields.

Has anyone ever experienced this behavior and if so what is the cause and the solution? If you want I can make the application available in a few days so you can inspect the behavior.

Note: exactly the same behavior occurs in IE and FF so this does not seam to be some browse quirck.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone can shed some light on this issue because it is the only real big problem that I cannot seem to solve at all.