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    Becoming Censored

    Be aware that we are not allowed now to network with anyone in the forums I received this message from one of the admins of the forums ...

    I have removed your posts where you are asking to network with people. If you want to do that you need to post in the marketplace. Thanks for understanding.

    So now we are being censored and not allowed to get to know people in the forums hence the word network

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    That's not censorship. That's enforcing the forum guidelines. In your specific case, not only did you cross-post it multiple times which against the rules and is spammy in-and-of itself, but you clearly were soliciting other members which is only allowed in the MarketPlace. That's how it works here. Being you are new the moderator who removed your posts was kind enough to let you know so you could purchase a listing for your thread and also learn the rules and participate according to them like the rest of our members.

    If you want to form a network with other members PM them and ask them personally to join. Otherwise, if you want to make a blatant offer to the SitePoint community you will need to follow the guidelines set forth by SitePouint and pay for a listing in their Marketplace.


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