I don't know diddly about JavaScript programming except how to cut and paste the darn things into my HTML. (How many times have you seen someone say this?)

Anyhow, I have a classic JS error that shows up in IE but seems to be fine in Firefox (of course), on the home page of my site:

link to page

IE tells me that there's an error in Line 5, character 1873, expecting a ) where there isn't one.

This is the entirety of Line 5:

<TITLE>This Far and No Further</TITLE>
only 38 characters, and when I eyeball through the various scripts throughout the page, I don't see a missing closing parenthesis. But I could easily be missing something.

Would someone with a trained eye take a quick look and tell me if something is wonky (besides the archaic tables and pre-CSS formatting)? I would certainly appreciate it.