hi i am trying to set up my page so that people can add comments to comments..

see here for an example


if you click on add comments, a form will appear so you post a comment there

i have set up a page similar


if you click on add comments underneath the first message it will show the add comments form, but if you click on add comments underneath the second message if will just show the form underneath the first message again...

this is because i am using the same id to show the form for each message..
for example

<cfoutput query>
this is the message

blah blah blah

this is the link which will show or hide the form

<a id="comments" href="##"> add comment

this is the form

<cfform id=commentsform>


im an unsure of how to make the id to show the form dynamic, and then reference this through the javascript..

i can post the html and javascript i am currently using at the moment, but i dont think the javscript is the most appropriate, as i just adapted a javascript
dynamic tree example i got from a book.....

any help would be appreciated