i have 10 questions with each three possible options, answered by radio buttons. im trying to use JS to validate the form, to check if a question has been unanswered.

this is my code for question 1. it works but im not sure if this is the best way to go about it. also, i have to repeat this block of code 10 times, once for each question. im sure thats NOT the best way to go about it

its quite a difficult concept since i have to evaluate everyting per three possible answers. i also want to show an inline alert at the unanswered question, so i cant just check for 10 checked radio buttons.

anyone know a better way to get around this?

function alertMe() {
 one = document.getElementById("q11");		
 two = document.getElementById("q12");		
 three = document.getElementById("q13");		
	if ( (one.checked == true) || (two.checked ==  true) || (three.checked == true)  ){
		window.alert ('at least one is checked');
	else {
		window.alert ('none checked');