my site is and just a few days ago i switched hosts. I've been importing all my MySQL data...the posts have gone in kinda random order (posts 14500-1500, then 1-14499). I haven't entered all the posts yet, but all threads and the rest of the tables have been imported. For some reason the forum has been moving EXTREMELY slow. I can get to the index page quickly and I can get to the Control Panel quickly...but the forums with lots of threads take a looooooooong time to load (if ever). I talked to some people that use XMB (the software i'm using) and they say its a MySQL problem (not server since the rest of the site runs fine).

2nd problem, everyone remember when the unix 1 billion second hit and it caused some problems...this was 9/8/01..well for some reason my forum was especially hit. If i go to "latest threads" it says they are all from 9/8..I thought it was my old host but now that I've switched I get the same problem. Anyone know what to do about this?

Keep in mind I imported data from my old host...this stuff isnt necessarily a problem with XMB...but with the way my MySQL database is configured.