Hi guys!

I'm slowly edging towards moving away from Google Blogger to something like WordPress.

It's going to take time, which is all down to me personally.

However, in the meantime, I've got a proper domain name and I've linked it in via my Google Blogger account.

Thing is, I've noticed a drop in traffic to my 'blog this week, starting within a couple of days of setting up the new domain.

I'm just wondering if this is to do with my existing domain name sliding out of the Google cache?

Also, my Technorati ranking has come to a halt. Just as a check, I added my new domain name and claimed it. Sure enough, there's 5 'blogs pointing to it.

Having then looked through the Technorati FAQ pages, I've found an article that explains that it's not possible to merge accounts.

Anyone have any more information on this?

I'd be really grateful for some assistance...