Hi folks,

An IE-meets-Ajax question for somebody.

I'm trying to figure out what it is that's going on in Internet Explorer's brain that's causing so much lag when loading pages from a JS cache.

Here's how to see the problem. Go here:

Then click on the "download" tab. Then, click back to the "about" tab again. What's happening behind the scenes is that certain pages like "about" & "download" have static content, so I'm storing them in a JS cache for quicker retrieval when returning to the page. Obviously this is nicer for the user and saves the server a little work. This works like a treat on Firefox and Opera, but chokes on IE. For some reason it takes an inordinate amount of time reloading already cached pages. Any idea why?

I'm using innerHTML to plonk back in the entire page HTML - which I've read should be quite fast.

Sorry for the rather open ended-question but I'm rather puzzled as to the precise cause.

(P.S. the site's not live yet).