I have an image slideshow that works in IE, but not FireFox. In the FireFox Error Console, it says

document.getElementById(imageid) has no properties
Source file: http://www.2gstudio.com/kr/amore/includes/blendtrans.js
Line: 44
The line in blendtrans.js that this is referring to is:

	document.getElementById(divid).style.backgroundImage = "url(" + document.getElementById(imageid).src + ")";
The page that has the slideshow is http://www.2gstudio.com/kr/amore/default.html

The slideshow rotates great in IE, but in FireFox it just stays on the first image.

I don't have a lot of experience in JS, so any information as to why it fails in FireFox would be much appreciated.

Thank you!