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    Stuck in the book. Login doesnt work

    I'm on page 252, I've followed the coding etc... and when I test the login, I type in the username I created in the console and then the password, then login, it redirects me to the index page however in the top right it should say "Logged in as : name" however it doesn't for me, still says "Not logged in."

    Any help would be great thanks!

    EDIT: Never mind fixed it, delete this thread please! Sorry!
    Last edited by Sasha69; Apr 27, 2007 at 14:51. Reason: problem solved!

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    Sasha69 rather than delete this thread, it would be useful to others if you were to document what it was that you did wrong, and how you fixed it, so that others may learn if they make the same mistake. If you could take a couple of minutes to write it up, other newbies would definitely appreciate it.
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