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    can't remove child element in ie6 [SOLVED]

    I'm having problems removing an element in ie6. I can add the elements fine, but when I try to remove them, its bombing on me.

    here's what I'm trying to do, I have a form which allows for dynamic amount of file uploads to be on the form..."pretty similar to gmails file attachments"

    my javascript for when I add a new upload box and the code for trying to remove that works FINE in firefox(go figure)

    my page initially starts like this
    <div id="uploads"></div>
    after I click to add another file the code will look like this
    <div id="uploads">
      <div id="con1">
        <input id="upload1" name="upload[]" type="file" >
        <span id="remove1">remove</span>
    and each subsequent click will continue to add a new container (con1, con2, con3, etc..) which holds the input field and remove link

    function addFileUpload(e) {
    	//	If we are appending the first upload, change the text.
    	if (actualCount == 0) {
    		document.getElementById( 'af' ).innerHTML = "Attach another file";
    		var uploadButton = document.createElement( 'input' );
    		uploadButton.type	= 'button';	= 'loadFiles';		= 'loadFiles';
    		uploadButton.value	= 'Upload';
    		document.getElementById( 'actions' ).appendChild(uploadButton);
    	//	Create the new file input field.
    	var newFile		= document.createElement( 'input' );
    	newFile.type	= 'file';	= 'upload[]';		= 'upload'+fieldCount;
    	//	Create a new link to remove that field.
    	var removeFile	= document.createElement( 'span');
    	removeFile.innerHTML = 'remove';	= 'remove'+fieldCount;	= 'remove'+fieldCount;
    	removeFile.className = 'uploadlink removelink';
    	//	Create a container to hold the two new fields.
    	var container = document.createElement( 'div' );	= 'con'+fieldCount;	= 'con'+fieldCount;
    	//	Put the newly created fields in the container.
    	//	Attach the container to the document for all to see!
    	document.getElementById( 'uploads' ).appendChild(container);
    	addEvent(removeFile, 'click', removeField, false);
    function removeField(e)
    	//	If we are removing the last upload, change the text back.
    	if (actualCount == 0) {
    		document.getElementById( 'af' ).innerHTML = "Attach a file";
    		var uploadButton = document.getElementById( 'loadFiles' );
    function addEvent(elm, evType, fn, useCapture)
    	if (elm.addEventListener) {
    		elm.addEventListener(evType, fn, useCapture);
    		return true;
    	} else if (elm.attachEvent) {
    		var r = elm.attachEvent('on' + evType, fn);
    		return r;
    	} else {
    		elm['on' + evType] = fn;

    Thanks for your help in advance!
    Last edited by veilig; Apr 24, 2007 at 12:35.


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