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    thickbox, greybox, lightbox, tinybox + flash - help!

    So i have been working on my first implementation of a website that uses Thickbox. I've tried Greybox, Lightbox, tinybox, and subModal. All have the same effect, probably because they are all based on the same or similar javascript libraries. So here is the problem.

    I have a Flash header and another Flash movie in the content area of my website that plays some FLV movies.

    Here is the problem. When i click one of my links launching the window it looks fine, however, when i use the scrollbar in the window the Flash header flickers and lays over top of the window and the same goes for the Flash FLV player. Except it does something worse. When you stop scrolling, the flash flv player sits on top of the window breaking the effect. It doesn't do this in IE7 and FF on PC. Its only doing this in Safari and Firefox on MAC.

    Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

    I set the wmode on both flash movies to "transparent".

    Has anyone else encountered this problem? Got a solution please? Thanks in advance!

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    It's not to do with javascript libraries. It'll be something to do with z-index and CSS and possibly the fact they all use javascript to change the position of the box as you scroll. I modified thickbox to use position:fixed for all browsers except IE6 (for this browser JS is used to simulate position:fixed). It makes the scrolling smoother and might solve your problem. Please note I haven't tested it in Safari since I don't have access to a Mac, but I don't see why it shouldn't work in it.


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