In light of the constant appearance of Marketplace contests that request the transfer of font files for winning designs, I think it is about time that SitePoint took a stronger stance on this copyright issue.

Currently, the contest guidelines state, "Be aware, that asking for copies of fonts used in a particular design may violate the licensing terms of a particular font."

That's all. Nothing more on the issue.

Honestly, that seems like a cop-out to me. It's an easy way to say "We don't want to get involved, so we'll just put this footnote out there so that we are legally protected." Meanwhile, it is up to the contest participants to fight the contest holders on the issue, even though legally speaking the contest participants are in the right for refusing to send font files.

I knwo that traditionally SitePoint has taken a "we dont get involved" stance on contest issues and disputes. However since the implementation of the pay system in which SitePoint receives a fee for each contest held, maybe it is long overdue that they take a much stronger tone in contest guidelines. Contest participants are being asked to do something that is illegal. I would think that SitePoint, a company profiting from what is essentially a somewhat illegal activity, might want to step up and take a zero-tolerance policy rather than the current "...may violate licensing terms..." statement.

Let's face it; 99% of the time, the fonts used in contests are not freeware fonts. I think it is fair to request that SitePoint consider this situation more carefully, and think about making it a requirement to either specify which fonts the contest holder retains a license to use, or refrain from asking for font files.

Designers should not have to argue with the contest holder over an issue that is clearly defined by the law. SitePoint, the people profitting from each and every contest held, should assume that responsbility.