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    new to database driven sites

    Good Afternoon,
    I started designing a simple site for a doctor friend of mine. The original plan was to have a simple site where he could organize his publications. Now, it looks like we need a site that will:

    1) allow users to create profiles
    2) save their data in a database
    3) allow the doctor to update a blog
    4) send notification using rss to members who have signed up for the premium service
    5) allow users to pay for the premium service and other products
    6) organize video clips and allow playback in a streaming fashion on the secure site that only paying members have access to.

    Obviously, I'm in for a whole lot more than I bargained for and I need some help. I've used php for a few scripts for contact forms and what not but I have yet to make a whole site using php and MySql. If anyone has mad a site similar to this one I am curious as to

    1) how long it took
    2) about how much it cost to get started
    3) can I keep make it more simple and get away with it [i.e. just make the site using nested html templates and only use php for the contact forms and access control to the site (set a username and password and only give users the username and password that have paid for the service)]

    I realize that a lot of this is based on experience and how in depth the content gets, but it would be nice to get a ballpark idea of how difficult these functions are to integrate, even for an experienced developer. Thanks or your input


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    If you're new to creating database driven content sites, you may find it more economical to go with an "off the shelf" solution. That may be open source or commercial depending on features, support etc.

    If you want to design it yourself from the ground up, you're looking at quite a bit or work if you've never done it before!

    I wouldn't advise having a single username/password for the premium content as it will be a nightmare to manage and will quickly lead to people sharing passwords and people gaining access who haven't paid.
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    I think it would come down to the timescale youve got to complete the project, if your just starting out and your client wants this by next month then youve got your work cut out, if however he can wait whilst you learn the ropes you stand more of a chance.
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